From earning sixty rupees a month to building a business empire: Rajkumar Gupta on his unusual success story


I don’t have any of those. I am none of those. What I am is a good entrepreneur. I can hire others to get the job done. – Rajkumar Gupta

From living in a rented 200 square foot house and earning a monthly salary of sixty rupees to becoming a celebrated real estate tycoon and a business mogul, Rajkumar Gupta has come a long way in life. His is the kind of rags to riches tale that everyone aspires to. But the story of how he went about building those riches will offer a hard knock of conscience to those for whom wealth is a major criteria for success. For even when he was earning sixty rupees a month, Gupta was a man supremely content with his lot. Even when he and his burgeoning family were crammed in a tiny one room flat, the well-being of others was a priority for him. If you didn’t believe in karma, then this is the story that will make a believer out of you. Read here.

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