Five “Yes That’s Right” benefits of drinking water



Five “Yes That’s Right” benefits of drinking water

  1. Drink, Sweat, Rinse Radiate! Sweat is a natural detox method to push dirt and oil pushed our of pores to cleanse the skin.
  2. Positive affects. Depending on time of day, drinking water can have myriads of positive affect
    • After wake up,  activates your internal organs
    • 30 minutes before a meal, helps in digestion
    • during and post-exercise, maintains hydration
    • before taking bath, lowers blood pressure
    • before going to bed, potentially avoids heart attack
  3. Helps you breathe. We exhale 8.45 ounces (250 milliliters) a day through our nose just by breathing.
  4. Makes brain big. If your brain had no water, it would be 25% of its current size.
  5. Cushions and lubricates joints and spine. Water provides shock absorption that will help protect from arthritis and back pain.






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