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Story for life lesson

In the Spring of 2014, I was in India visiting my family and friends after being away 3 years. I know 3 years is too long and I missed it so much and it will never happen again. I’m 28 years old, which in any of the 1,635 Indian languages (+ English) means that I’m the right age to find a bride and settle down in life. So naturally, the first FRIENDLY topic of any incoming guest was “When are you getting married, son?” Of course, that ‘SON’ in the conversation is me. 🙂

While I was visiting my family, I clearly remember a cousin from my mom’s side asking, “Are you getting married on this trip?” I categorically said, “No” and what she said next really stuck with me. She said, “I’m so disappointed, I already had selected what I’m going to wear on your marriage. Please get married soon, so I can wear my dress.”

I want you to know that when I said “No” to my cousin, I was already using my business management skills to create a workback schedule and a process in mind for getting married. So, it goes like this – in order to marry Priyanka Chopra (age 18 always) I need to – 1) Meet her, 2) Know her, 3) Attract her, 4) Propose to her, 5) Let her plan the wedding and 6) Live happily ever after. I figured it would be a challenge do all that in this trip, and that is why I said, “NO”.


On a more serious note, that comment from my cousin made me realize just how big of a celebration a wedding is in India and how much people anticipate it. Imagine, she has already picked out a dress in honor of my wedding and I don’t even know when it will be and that is just a small example of how big of a celebration an Indian wedding really is.


Indian Wedding Industry

Here are a few important facts about the Indian weddings:

  1. Average Wedding expense (excluding dowry): Indian Weddings cost ($34,234) 30% more than American weddings ($26,327)
  2. Most expensive wedding ever: The most expensive Indian wedding (of Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia $60Million) was 12x times more expensive than the most expensive American wedding (of Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky $5Million)
  3. No. of Indian marriages in a year: Approx 10 Million weddings happening in India. Wedding make upto 10% of Indian GDP.
  4. Delhi: In Delhi itself there are 1.2 Million weddings happening each year and a single day can witness upto 35,000 weddings.
  5. Gold: Half of nearly 900 tons of gold consumed in India is bought during the wedding season.

Indian Wedding fact
Along with the above infographics you must also see this cool infographics which shows how big is Indian Wedding Market.

Here is how the future outlook of an Indian Wedding Industry is

  1. In 15 years: 400 Million weddings will take place in India, which is more than the current population of US 323M.
  2. Industry Growth: Indian wedding industry is growing 25% to 30% annually and puts the total size of the industry at $25 billion.

The bottom line is that Indian Weddings are a booming industry with 80% of Indians willing to take out a loan to create a once in a lifetime experience. 

WedMeGood.com does Indian Weddings in style!  As one of the best online Indian Wedding Portals, they are helping couples and families create memories that will last a lifetime!



What is WedMeGood.com?

Wedmegood.com is an online portal that helps you find your Indian wedding inspirations and plan for your dream wedding. It’s a passion project of a beautiful couple – Anand and Mehak. On a phone conversation with Anand I expressed how impressed I’m with WMG.

Anand and Mehak wedmegood.com


Story of WedMeGood.com?

Mehak and Anand got married in 2012 and while they were planning for their wedding they found it a challenge to find Indian wedding inspirations and put together their dream wedding team. By the way, when I say they were planning their wedding, I mean when Mehak was planning their wedding. 🙂

Moving on, what started off as her passion to blog about Indian weddings soon got realized into an entrepreneurial venture for the couple. Today, they help people plan their own big fat Indian wedding by providing experiences, ideas, and inspirations from recently married couples , by showcasing a selective, handpicked list of vendors they love and by bringing you the latest, on trends wedding stories you cannot afford to miss out on their Wedding Blog.

Bottomline is that they work on this entrepreneurial venture because they are passionate about it. I can definitely say that “they truly create a difference in people’s life’s by creating lasting memories”.

If you are reading their story on my blog and are getting married then you would get 10% discount on bridal shopping. More good news, if you get stuck in your wedding planning then simply write into anand@wedmegood.com with the link to this article and explain your situation, they would personally try and help. I hope this makes it worth reading their beautiful story. 🙂


wedmegood.com get inspired

How to get inspired for your wedding with WMG?

Real Weddings is a section where you can see real weddings to get an idea from other weddings. And for each wedding you can see the vendor that was hired. It’s truely amazing, see below.



Blog is where it all started. It’s that one place to read and learn more about the hot new trends. See below.



What’s New is the best part about this site. Here you can get ideas by looking at different Indian wedding type, by seeing the latest trends or simply by browsing events. See below.



Discover Ideas is right on the main page. This will give you ideas by categories such as Bridal wear, Jewellery, Decor, Make-up and more. See below.




How to plan for your wedding with WMG?

Wedding Vendors is a section where you can research on different vendors and put together your dream team. See below.


Services is a section where even after knowing what you want, you still think you need professional Indian wedding consultant, then contact them. You can see they are one of the best. They also help with bridal shopping. See here at bridesbypb.com


Final Thought

I’m sure most girls grow up wanting to be a princess on that day and having the most perfect wedding. And guys would love to give their future wife an experience to see the smile on her face. 🙂 I’m certain you would love working with Anand, Mehak and their passionate affair wedmegood.com. They truly do what they do out of passion.

See some of their testimonials which is reflective of their dedication and commitment to create memories for you. 🙂 From the deepest part of my heart I wish them good luck and keep making India proud. #InspiringIndians

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With love,




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